PRIDE AND PREJUDICE<br>by Kate Hamill<br>based on a novel by Jane Austen<br>WaterTower Theatre<br>October 2017<br>"Director Joanie Schultz finds flow and clarity in the constant scrum of action onstage, and a clever balance between the classic plot and Hamill’s fresh and revelatory bits of business and comedy." <br>-Theatrejones.comTHE LEGEND OF GEORGIA MCBRIDE<br>by Matthew Lopez<br>Cardinal Stage Company, Bloomington, IN<br>February 2017HIT THE WALL<br>by Ike Holter<br>WaterTower Theatre<br>August 2017<br>"It's the first show selected and directed by the company's new artistic director Joanie Schultz,  and it augurs well for the theater's future as a company that challenges the mind and the heart."<br>-Nancy Churnin, Dallas Morning NewsSEX WITH STRANGERS <br> by Laura Eason <br> Cleveland Play House <br> Oct-Nov 2016<br> "Directed with playfulness, subtlety and nuance by Joanie Schultz"QUEEN<br>by Madhuri Shekar<br>Victory Gardens Theater<br>April 2017<br>"Director Joanie Schultz's production is elegant and spare..."<br>-Nina Metz, Chicago TribuneSPINNING by Deirdre Kinahan<br>Irish Theatre of Chicago<br>May 2016<br><br>"emotionally raw...meticulously directed by Joanie Schultz."<br>-Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun TimesLOT'S WIFE <br>world premiere by Eric Rosen<br>Kansas City Repertory Theatre<br>May 2016<br><br>"...the action rolls along seamlessly, backward and forward through time, scenes bleeding into one another."<br>-Victor Wishna, KCMetropolis.orgTHE CHEATS<br>world premiere by Hamish Linklater<br>Steep Theatre<br>September 2015<br>"Like Hitchcock, Schultz is more concerned with prevailing tensions than climaxes."<br>-Kevin Greene, NewcityHAND TO GOD <br> by Robert Askins<br>Studio Theatre, Washington DC<br>July-Oct 2016<br><br>"Joanie Schultz’s astute, delicious direction" <br> -David Siegel, DCMetro Theatre ArtsCOCKED<br>world premiere by Sarah Gubbins<br>Victory Gardens Theater<br>February 2016<br><br>"...escalating unease served well by both Joanie Schultz's muscular staging and a trio of tough and unstinting performances." <br>-Kerry Reid, Chicago TribuneBLUEBEARD'S CASTLE<br>New Millennium Orchestra at Thalia Hall<br>December 2014<br><br>The Best of 2014: Classical Music and Opera<br>"Spellbinding"<br> -Andrew Patner, Chicago Sun-TimesREST <br>by Samuel D. Hunter <br>Victory Gardens Theater, September 2014<br><br>"Director Joanie Schultz deftly orchestrates Hunter’s delicate balance of tragedy, comedy, hysteria and desperation, making it feel like a Beckett play that just happens to be full of real people — and that is a formidable compliment to all involved." <br>-Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-TimesVENUS IN FUR by David Ives<BR> The Goodman Theatre, March 2014 <br><br> "Director Schultz brings the tension between the two actors to an excruciating pitch by keeping air between them when it counts, making every touch resonate."<br>-Tony Adler, Chicago ReaderBRUISE EASY <br>world premiere by Dan LeFranc<br>American Theater Company<br>January 2016<br><br>"...charmingly achieved in Joanie Schultz's production..."<br>-Kris Vire, TimeOut ChicagoMARTYR<br>Steep Theatre<br>May 2015<br><br>"Director Joanie Schultz paces this with religious fervor.  It begins as a snowball and turns into an avalanche." -Katy WalshYANKEE TAVERN<br>American Blues Theatre<br>February 2015<br> "This is one of those productions that’s essentially flawless...Joanie Schultz’s production is complete and unrelenting."<br>-Colin Douglas, Chicago Theatre ReviewTHE WHALE<br>by Samuel D. Hunter <br>Victory Gardens Theater, April 2013<br>"Schultz, who's made a growing reputation on searing, tightly packed dramas on the city's smaller stages, makes her Victory Gardens debut a new height of efficiently heartwrenching storytelling." <br>-Kris Vire, Time Out ChicagoTHE RECEPTIONIST<br>by Adam Bock <br> Steep Theatre, Spring 2012<br><br>"Directed by Joanie’s point-blank scary." <br>-New City ChicagoAsk Aunt Susan<br>Goodman Theatre, 2011<br>Workshop ProductionAcis and Galatea<br>Chicago Cultural Center, 2009<br>"Kudos to director Joanie Schultz for an inspired under-the-dome staging that manages to be gently satiric without entirely sacrificing the deeper emotions." <br>-Chicago Classical Reviewfml: How Carson McCullers saved my life<br>Steppenwolf Theatre, 2012<br>"And Joanie Schultz, who has emerged as one of the city’s strongest and most stylistically adaptable directors...gets the tone exactly right, from first note to last." <br>-Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun TimesTHE RING CYCLE<br>The Building Stage, 2010<br> "the production's resourcefulness and energy, along with the directors' dogged focus on propelling the plot forward, tighten and transform Wagner's libretto into a cracking good yarn."<br>-Zac Thompson, Chicago ReaderTHE METAL CHILDREN<br>by Adam Rapp<br>Next Theatre, 2011<br><br>" a smart production under Joanie Schultz's direction, chock full of extraordinary performances"<br> -Tony Adler, Chicago ReaderTHE HUNDRED FLOWERS PROJECT <br>Silk Road Rising <br>October 2014<br> "Kinetically enacted by Silk Road Rising in a bold staging by Joanie Schultz."<br>-Lawrence Bommer, Stage and CinemaJANE AUSTEN'S NORTHANGER ABBEY<br>Remy Bumppo Theatre<br>October, 2013<br>" ...Schultz stages all of this (and more) with an elegant playfulness..." <br>-Suzanne Scalion Time Out ChicagoNeighborhood 3<br>Strawdog Theatre, October 2012<BR>"’s delightful: a legitimate sense of doom in a theater."<BR>-Dan Jakes, Time Out ChicagoThe Kid Thing<br>Chicago Dramatists/About Face Theatre, 2011<br><br>"Director Joanie Schultz manages the tonal shifts effectively, and deserves extra praise for staging transitions that elegantly propel both story and character."<br>-VarietyThe Girl in the Yellow Dress<br>Next Theatre, 2012<br><br>"...under the explosive direction of Joanie Schultz" <br> -Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun TimesSaint Joan<br>Northwestern University, 2006Stone Cold Dead Serious<br>Circle Theatre, 2007<br><br>"...director Joanie Schultz knows how to sculpt this unruly but often bleakly funny material into something that hovers between gritty realism and liminal dream state." <br>-Kerry Reid, Chicago TribuneCarmen<br>Bay View Music Festival, 2008In Arabia We'd All be Kings<br>Steep Theatre, 2009<br><br>"Schultz’s blistering production is part of the storefront scene’s decades-long tradition of excelling at, as it were, ghetto Chekhov." <br>-Christopher Piatt, Time Out ChicagoPolaroid Stories<br>Flush Puppy Productions, 2002<br><br>"Director Joanie Schultz affirms the play's value by tracing genuine human connections; her subtle, almost balletic staging brings sweat and dirt and blood..." <br>-Nick Green, Chicago ReaderA Brief History of Helen of Troy, 2010<br><br>"Joanie Schultz's production is nonetheless quite well crafted, intensely acted, shrewdly cast and frequently moving."<br>-Chris Jones, Chicago TribuneAutophagy<br>Drama League Directorfest, 2007The Winter's Tale<br>Columbia College, 2010Alchemy of Desire/Dead Man's Blues<br>Northwestern University, 2005A Perfect Wedding<br>Cirlce Theatre, 2009<br><br>"...Joanie Schultz’ superb communal staging..."<br>-Laurence Bommer, Chicago Free PressMany Loves<br>Caffeine Theatre,  2008<br><br>" the loose but well-managed disorder of Joanie Schultz's Caffeine Theatre staging is most welcome." <br>-Zac Thompson, Chicago Reader