02.10.18Aspen Times: HTake Ten festival brings theater director Joanie Schultz home to Aspen

Growing up in Aspen and in Emma, and studying in Aspen\'s public schools, Schultz said, gave her a unique perspective and a bit of useful grit.

\"There\'s something about being around this much beauty that shapes you in a certain way,\" she said. \"I don\'t know how that manifests tangibly, but I know that has a lot to do with who I am.\"

Going to school here, where school outdoor education programs sent her into the backcountry, pushed her in ways that other places probably wouldn\'t have.

\"I think that really shaped me, to learn how to do things that were hard and that stretched me,\" Schultz said.

01.26.18Theaterjones column January 2018

Season Planning in 6 Easy Steps!*

12.26.17One of Dallas' Top Ten Most Fascinating People of 2017!

"This year, WaterTower Theatre got a savvy new artistic director in the form of Joanie Schultz of Chicago. Schultz has already made some bold choices. The first play she chose to direct was Hit the Wall, Chicago playwright Ike Holter’s 2013 play about the Stonewall Riots.

"If every play you do is not life-changing, then you’re doing it wrong," Schultz said. "I don’t know why you would do a play otherwise."

Schultz is also impacting the local theater community in other ways. She has been a leading light in the conversation about sexual harassment in the theater. She helped arrange for a town hall meeting on the subject at Arts Mission Oak Cliff earlier this month."

12.01.17theatrejones column November 2017: Me Too.

"I think of us, right now, as being the transition team. A team with a difficult job, in an incredibly important moment."

10.27.17theatrejones column October 2017: A User\'s Guide to Previews

A contemplation of what previews are for, and how to use them.

10.20.17Theatrejones on PRIDE AND PREJUDICE

"Director Joanie Schultz finds flow and clarity in the constant scrum of action onstage, and a clever balance between the classic plot (the arc of Austen’s story hasn’t changed) and Hamill’s fresh and revelatory bits of business and comedy. And when romance comes to a head, she and the cast aren’t afraid to pare things down to a girl and a guy—and to play it (almost) straight for a few memorable moments. For laughs and for real, working together."

10.19.17Dallas Observer review of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE

"Most endearing of all was my guest for the evening, my 9-year-old daughter. She was enraptured from the beginning, laughed at the appropriate moments — missing the innuendos, thankfully — and absolutely enchanted to the end. In the car on our way home, far past her usual bedtime, she told me, “I think I just had the time of my life."

Take heart, fellow parents terrified of technology's influence on their kids: There’s still a place for Jane Austen in our changing world. Kate Hamill makes it easy for this new generation of tiny, fierce, headstrong Lizzys to understand."
-Katy Lemieux

09.29.17theatrejones column September 2017: Happy New Year!

Some new years resolutions

08.11.17WaterTower Theatre Maps Out Meaningful Conversation with 'Intersections'

“It’s a position of service and it’s a service to the community you are in and to the artists who will work here. I think one of the things this is helping me with is giving me a more comprehensive understanding of who is here and what they’re talking about and where they live and how I can understand the complex matrix of people living here. It’s my responsibility to program exciting, intriguing artistic work for this entire community," Schultz said.

08.08.17Outside the Lines: theatrejones.com on HIT THE WALL

"With minimal stage direction, Holt gives the director a lot of room to sculpt and interpret. Schultz stages it like a rock 'n' roll event, with the actors on stage as the audience files in, and bringing out the microphone stands when directly addressing the audience."
-Mark Lowry

08.04.17Culturemap Dallas on HIT THE WALL

"By switching out Sondheim for Stonewall, Schultz has made the decisive — and potentially divisive — statement that under her leadership, WaterTower Theatre will reflect its current world, even if sometimes the world isn't a place we want to be."
-Lindsey Wilson

08.04.17theatrejones column July 2017: When the Artistic Director is a Director

"And now that I’ve gotten my bearings here, working as a director in my own theatre, I think that I can take some of that comfort in the uncomfortable, and apply it more to the rest of my life and work here in Addison. This play is doing many things that are incredibly powerful that I won’t go into now, but what it’s done for me personally has been an inspiring and grounding experience. I feel incredibly lucky to be here, making art in this community, with and for the people of DFW."

08.01.17Hit The Wall review in Dallas Morning News!

Headline: Sizzling 'Hit the Wall' augurs well for conversations to come at WaterTower Theatre

"That's the world of Ike Holter's Hit the Wall, a regional premiere of a hit show that starts with a sizzle and ends with an explosion, at WaterTower Theatre. It's the first show selected and directed by the company's new artistic director Joanie Schultz, and it augurs well for the theater's future as a company that challenges the mind and the heart."
-Nancy Churnin

07.26.17D Magazine on WTT's new INTERSECTIONS program

"Schultz seems to understand that the best theater is not an escape from the real world, but a way to look at the real world through a different set of eyes. It should be alarming and risky. Its duty is not to comfort us, but to connect us."

06.30.17theatrejones column June 2017: Six Months In

A look at my first 6 months as AD of WaterTower Theatre.

05.26.17theatrejones column May 2017: Connecting the Dreams

"But again, much like when I leave a Chekhov play, I mostly am grateful that I feel connected with these people who were in my shoes 30 years ago. People who had hopes and dreams that went beyond their day to day lives. I finished this book thankful for the thoughtful contemplation and work of these Artistic Directors; and that I could take that time-machine back to those rooms, hear their dreams, and to learn from them as I begin developing our future at WaterTower Theatre."

05.15.17HAND TO GOD wins two Helen Hayes Awards!!

Congratulations to Liam Forde, Best Lead Actor and Daniel Conway, Best Scenic Design!!

It was a wonderful ceremony, DC has such a fantastic theatre community!

04.28.17theatrejones column, April 2017: Our Theatrical Family Tree

"Our legacy is more intangible than that because it’s the imprint we leave on people’s minds, souls, hearts, for years to come. It’s the empathy, emotions, curiosity, and catharsis our audiences gain from the work. And it’s the imprint that we have on each other as a community of artists. How we support each other, question each other, push each other, teach each other, and make space for each other, is a significant part of our legacy as theatre artists."

04.25.17QUEEN review for theatrejones by Kerry Reid

How nice for theatrejones to get a review of my latest in Chicago, QUEEN, written by a fantastic and thoughtful critic who has been seeing my work for at least 10 years.

"One of the most effective elements in both Shekar’s script and Schultz’s staging is the subtle shifts in the power dynamics and attraction between Sanam and Arvind. (In this, it’s like a cerebral version of the sexual cat-and-mouse games in David Ives’ Venus in Fur, which Schultz directed at Chicago’s Goodman Theatre in 2014.) Arvind, in Poss’ breezy-but-charming portrayal, isn’t a cartoon financial-sector villain. When he tells Sanam “The people who don’t trust science just don’t trust science," it’s not with a cynical sneer, but with a matter-of-fact ease that makes the truth behind the line that much more effective."

04.24.17QUEEN recommended in the Sun Times!

\"But under Joanie Schultz’s deft direction this timely story about the interplay of science, conscience and the heart offers a most winning test case.\" -Hedy Weiss

04.24.17QUEEN review in the Chicago Tribune!

\"Director Joanie Schultz\'s production is elegant and spare.\" -Nina Metz

03.31.17theatrejones column, March 2017: What is a Theatre, Anyway?

"The theatre is not just a structure, or a staff, or an artistic director. I am simply a steward of something far bigger than I am: of a theatre company. So, what is a theatre company, anyway? A theatre company is that which creates supportive circumstances for relevant artists to do their collaborative, creative work while facilitating circumstances for the community to engage with that artistic work. We deliver that theatrical art to our community, just as the water tower eventually delivers water to their town. To support the art/artists that create work, and connect that work with an audience: that is what a theatre company does."

02.24.17theaterjones column, February 2017: Where I'm going

\"During this next chapter WaterTower Theatre will be producing innovative and engaging theatre that fosters empathy, builds community, and creates dialogue. Our goal is to create diverse new work, reenvision classic work, and produce contemporary work that speaks to our moment in ways that are unique and exciting. I want theatergoers to come to WaterTower knowing that what they are about to experience is very special and could only be developed and happening at our theater. I want to create work that challenges, uncovers, and brings people together. I want every single production to be a piece of art that has the force and commitment that can only come from artists when they are supported to risk and challenge their artistic voices. And I want to encourage dialogue among artists and audiences alike through new programming around our performances.\"

02.06.17HAND TO GOD nominated for 6 Helen Hayes Awards including Best Director!

Very honored to be nominated for Washington DC\'s Helen Hayes Awards!

02.03.17Article on THE LEGEND OF GEORGIA MCBRIDE at Cardinal Stage

The Legend of Georgia McBride participates in that discussion by creating what Schultz calls an “allegorical story for our time." The play forces us to examine “an old-school, 1950s idea" of gender that “controls us and controls the ways in which we cut ourselves off from those parts of ourselves" that do not fit those strict gender codes. When Casey creates his new drag persona of Georgia McBride, he is “able to be the best version of himself," Mobley says. “He uncovers this part of himself that he wouldn’t have had he not put on a wig, a dress, and makeup and gone on stage in front of people."

01.27.17First Article in TheatreJones Series! "Where I'm From"

I'm doing a monthly column called AN ARTISTIC DIRECTOR PREPARES for TheatreJones. This first article is about Chicago. My home. "Where I'm From".

12.15.16Article in Dallas Morning News about new role at WaterTower Theatre

"I think the WaterTower I'm going to be leading will be much more on the national map because I'm in conversations with artists, playwrights and directors all over the country. I'm going to be looking at creating theater that has its first responsibility to the community, but is also in touch with what's going on in in theaters across the country. I want to see how we can nurture playwrights and produce world premieres. I want to create innovative theater that goes to other places, while being as supportive of the community as possible."

12.15.16Announcement: Joanie Schultz appointed Artistic Director of WaterTower Theatre

A mid-size theatre in Addison, Texas--Joanie beings her new role as AD on January 1st. Click on the link to go to the theatre website!

12.15.16Theater Jones interview

As for the move to unfamiliar territory, she’s excited to get to know North Texas.

“I’m ready to ask questions about everything. I have no assumptions," she says. “There are advantages to hiring an ‘outsider’ for this job. I’ll be looking at the talent pool in a different way. I will have connections from across the country, and maybe bring in a director from another place, and see how that shakes things up. I suspect that some people will look at me [as] this outsider."

“But I come in peace, even if I will be kind of like an alien."

12.15.16American Theatre "Entrances and Exits"

“Joanie is a phenomenal choice to lead WaterTower Theatre’s artistic vision into a new era," said board president Paul Shultz in a statement. “She has the unique combination of being a successful director of both new works and classics in the worlds of theatre and opera."

12.15.16Broadway World on Joanie's AD position

"It is my belief that creating plays that express our contemporary moment is the greatest contribution we can give to the world as theatre artists," said Schultz. "By our attempt to articulate our unique experiences in this place now, we are fostering desperately needed conversation in the most needed human way, through the live experience of other people. The consciousness created in the empathy of the shared experience an audience has with the actors on stage is irreplaceable by anything on a screen. And it is my passion for this expression and what it fosters that drives my work as a director and producer of theatre."

12.15.16WaterTower Theatre Appoints New Artistic Director

"In a director’s program note for a Columbia College production of Shakespeare’s ‘The Winter’s Tale,’ Schultz described herself as ‘frustrated and impatient’ with life. That frustration may be prompted, in part, by her utopian ideals for the stage. In an artist’s statement for her online bio, Schultz writes: “Much of the work I create resides in a genre I call mythic realism. That is, a world based in a reality that is recognizable to us in some way, but with events that transcend what we believe to be the limitations of this world. Mostly, I am drawn to ordinary characters who exist in extraordinary circumstances, either by their own mind’s construction, or by the extreme state of the world they live in. These extraordinary circumstances are integral to creating theatrical metaphor, and therefore asking the audience to become co-creators in the reality of the play."

12.15.16Addison's WaterTower Theatre lures lauded 'artistic visionary' to lead

“What really draws me to a play is what I’m calling What Is Forgotten: Outcasts, things we take for granted, people that don’t fit in, that we don’t know about. I want to remind [audiences] of those who are on the outskirts, to empathize with people of different race and gender and sexuality. There was a period of time when I got asked a lot if I was straight or gay, because I lived with a lesbian who is a playwright. I’d say, I’m not gay, but [as with many in the LGBT community] I have felt like an outsider for most of my life. There’s still a huge battle for gay rights — and keeping them, now that we’ve gotten more of them. I’m really interested in the transgender/gender-fluid issue, as I have a lot of friends who are on the spectrum of sexuality."

10.31.16Fantastic Review for SEX WITH STRANGERS in the Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Directed with playfulness, subtlety and nuance by Joanie Schultz, 'Sex With Strangers' moves like a red-hot page-turner; it's a book you can't possibly put down."

10.28.16SEX WITH STRANGERS interview in Cleveland Plain Dealer

"We watched a lot of YouTube videos of great classic movie and TV make-outs," says Joanie Schultz, the Chicago-based director known for giving audiences unforgettable white-knuckle theatrical rides...

"We talked about what we saw in them and what we liked about them," continues Schultz. They noted what they wanted to borrow from this clinch or that smooch...."it's exhausting studying the great make-outs," Schultz says in a perfect deadpan.

--click through for the entire interview!!

10.02.16Final Extension for HAND TO GOD!

HAND TO GOD will close at Studio Theatre after extending for 9 weeks! Closes 10/8/16!!

09.16.16HAND TO GOD Extended for the Fourth Time!

HAND TO GOD at Studio Theatre in Washington, DC now runs until 10/2/16!!


We are now going into our 3rd 3-week extension! The show is going at least to September 18!!

08.21.16Washington Post interview about sock-puppet making @ HAND TO GOD

“I really did just wake up from a dream one morning and think, ‘What if everybody’s sitting at a table and they make their own sock puppets?’ "

07.21.16Cover feature in DC's Metroweekly for HAND TO GOD!

MW: What’s it been like working with Joanie Schultz?

FORDE: I’ve never worked with a director who’s been such a collaborator. She said on one of the first days, “Whatever the best idea is in the room goes." She’s remarkably intelligent, but it’s that rare, beautiful scenario where it is not coupled with an ego. I think that gave me the added confidence I needed to explore all sorts of different ways of thinking about this character, because there are a lot of different approaches to it. We circled around it a lot before we got there, and I’m still finding it.

07.15.16I WROTE THIS: blog post for TCG--My Utopian Theatre Dream

"I believe that the theater should help us dream of the America that we would like to see and that can be. There is hope and optimism inherent in the creation of art, but in particular I think that creating theater—a medium in which we create a world onstage and peer into it as it happens— is utopian in its promise."

07.14.16My Washington Post Express interview on HAND TO GOD

“It’s walking the tightrope between silly and serious. Puppets can get away with things that humans can’t, and through them we get to look at ourselves with a little bit more distance in a profound way."

07.13.16Peter Marks loves HAND TO GOD--Washington Post Review!!

\"Schultz has the inspired idea via superior set designer Daniel Conway of converting Studio’s top-floor black box space into a realistic facsimile of a church basement, down to the pale ­cinder block walls and church canteen with a roll-up opening. The audience sits on plastic chairs at long cafeteria tables, as the actors cavort in the middle aisle and on platforms at either end of a room adorned with posters of Jesus in postures of piety and benevolence.\"

07.12.16Rave Review for HAND TO GOD in DCMetro Arts Theatre

"With playwright Askins’ fetile, gimlet look at an insular world teetering on its long-held religious code of decorum and Joanie Schultz’s astute, delicious direction, Hand to God is more than a mere farce."

05.31.16SPINNING Review - What Happens After a Family Tragedy

"The production directed by Joanie Schultz is as inquisitive as it is disturbing, zeroing in on the thorny question of what exactly to do with a person who has shown themselves to be capable of rash, destructive action after the law is finished with them. Her cast’s performances make the question one of immediate consequence."

05.28.16Four lives ‘SPINNING’ out of control at Irish Theatre of Chicago

"The play is now receiving its U.S. premiere in an emotionally raw Irish Theatre of Chicago production meticulously directed by Joanie Schultz."

05.11.16Great Review for world premiere of LOT'S WIFE

"the meta-theatrics are not a stunt, but a stroke of ingenuity that keeps the audience engrossed and the show humming. Directed by Joanie Schultz—understandably, this is the first of Rosen’s plays that he has opted not to stage himself—the action rolls along seamlessly, backward and forward through time, scenes bleeding into one another. The vibe is cinematic, as each character in turn retells portions of the narrative from his or her perspective—and often from a different physical vantage."

05.11.16Quite a “Lot” - LOT'S WIFE Review

"If theater is meant to be transporting, then this production takes you not away, but deep inside."

03.03.16COCKED REVIEW - Theater in Chicago

\"Director Joanie Schultz manages the action smartly as things literally deteriorate...\"

02.21.16Chicago Tribune Recommends COCKED

"the tension in Schultz's staging is pretty on-point as the situation spins further out of control."

02.21.16New City Recommends COCKED!

"Under the airtight direction of Joanie Schultz and with praiseworthy performances from the entire cast, Gubbins masterfully uses simplicity to make us question the side we thought we so confidently stood."

02.21.16Finger on the Trigger - cocked

"Joanie Schultz’s production moves forward with assuredness, periodically amping up the energy until, in the final ten minutes, all hell breaks loose."

01.15.16Part of New City's 50 People who Really Perform for Chicago!

It's an honor to be on this list with so many people I respect and admire!

10.28.15Video interview with Hamish Linklater about THE CHEATS

"Joanie Schultz is just like, fantastic. She's so exact, and perfect. I'm thrilled with her" -Hamish Linklater

10.05.15The Cheats: The Full Devastation of Ordinary Betrayals Exposed

"Director Joanie Schultz has paced this production to a lean ninety minutes, but is careful to steadily ratchet up the tension. "

10.05.15THE CHEATS Review - The Full Devastation of Ordinary Betrayals Exposed

"Schultz has paced this production to a lean ninety minutes, but is careful to steadily ratchet up the tension. A notable feature of The Cheats is its foregrounding of voyeurism; characters often are onstage in a room alone, allowing us to observe them in their most private moments, or call to each other from offstage, making us feel like we are really peering into a house that was not constructed for our benefit. It creates a creepy atmosphere, making the characters’ feelings of guilt and violation all the more palpable, and infusing dread into conversations which, in themselves, are strange, but not clearly leading to violence or anything else destructive."

10.03.15THE CHEATS Review - Natural and Intricate Storytelling

"Under Joanie Schultz’s masterful direction, Akin’s ‘uncivilized’ behavior escalates the tension and the humor. THE CHEATS is thoroughly engaging primarily because Akins is so unpredictable in his actions and in his conversations."

06.24.15Steep Announces 2015-2016 Season!

The season begins in October with the world premiere of Hamish Linklater\'s The Cheats, directed by Steep Ensemble Member Joanie Schultz.

04.18.15Great review for MARTYR

"The beautifully crafted ensemble performance is directed by Joanie Schultz." -Nancy Malitz

04.18.15Martyr: Relatable and Terrifying

"Director Joanie Schultz paces this with religious fervor. It begins as a snowball and turns into an avalanche." -The Fourth Walsh

03.29.15I WROTE THIS: Are Criticism Rating Systems Serving Anybody?

My Howlround article about Critic review rating systems, interviewing producers, artists, and critics.

03.25.15Steep Expands Ensemble: Honoring the Past & Defining the Future

Joanie Schultz joins the Steep Ensemble!

03.18.15Gardley and Gubbins in Victory Gardens' 2015-16 season

“'Cocked' (Feb. 12-March 13), a new play by Sarah Gubbins is next. Gubbins’ drama takes place in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood, and is set in motion by the arrival of a woman’s unstable brother into the home she shares with her girlfriend. Joanie Schultz directs."

03.03.15Review: Yankee Tavern/American Blues Theater

"Under Joanie Schultz’s taut, smart direction, the action starts slowly, then crescendos into an explosive second act." -Hugh Iglarsh

03.03.15A Tall Tale Without End

"This is one of those productions that’s essentially flawless...Joanie Schultz’s production is complete and unrelenting." -Colin Douglas

03.02.15Yankee Tavern Review - Chicago Reader

"Joanie Schultz directs her own bunch of pros in this American Blues Theater production." -Tony Adler


\"Director Joanie Schultz and her cast maintain the delicate balance between tall tale and \'possibility.\'\" -Hedy Weiss

12.30.14The Best of Chicago 2014: Classical Music and Opera

Andrew Patner of the Chicago Sun-Times calls 'Bluebeard' "Spellbinding"


PHOTO FLASH -Broadwayworld.com


Joanie Schultz is interviewed on WBEZ about WE MUST BREATHE

12.18.14WE MUST BREATHE on Howlround.tv

WE MUST BREATHE, a response from Chicago Playwrights and Poets at Victory Gardens livestreams on Howlround.tv and is archived there. This was one of the most powerful theater moments of my life, and I was honored to direct this response to #blacklivesmatter. Check it out.

12.05.14'Bluebeard's Castle' Right at Home in Thalia Hall

"...opera newbies, hipsters and date night couples packed the recently restored and launched Thalia Hall in Pilsen for the New Millennium Orchestra’s presentation of Bela Bartok’s only opera, the spooky one-hour “Duke Bluebeard’s Castle." -Andrew Patner, Chicago Sun-Times

10.29.14The Hundred Flowers Project - Around the Town Review

"...the blocking of the second act, in which the characters stand, move, and interact with each other in beautifully stylized and graceful ways." -Lawrence Riordan

10.26.14Chicago Theater Review: THE HUNDRED FLOWERS PROJECT

"Kinetically enacted by Silk Road Rising in a bold staging by Joanie Schultz." -Lawrence Bommer

10.20.14VIDEO INTERVIEW - The Hundred Flowers Project

Joanie Schultz on The Hundred Flowers Project @ Silk Road Rising

10.01.14Windy City Times REST Review - Highly Recommended

Director Joanie Schultz directs her three-generation cast with a tight rein, ensuring that only the most tin-eared playgoer could impose sitcom risibility on this intimate portrait of middle Americans in crisis," -Mary Shen Barnidge


"Joanie Schultz deftly orchestrates Hunter’s delicate balance of tragedy, comedy, hysteria and desperation, making it feel like a Beckett play that just happens to be full of real people — and that is a formidable compliment to all involved." -Hedy Weiss

09.09.14VIDEO INTERVIEW - Rest

Joanie Schultz on her Emotional Connections to REST @ VICTORY GARDENS

08.04.14TCG Leadership U Fellowship

I've received a TCG Leadership U fellowship! With this fellowship I will be mentored by Chay Yew of Victory Gardens Theater on the ins and outs of Artistic Directorship through January 2016!

07.18.14Sun Times Recommends A SMALL FIRE

"Schultz’s deftly ambiguous direction is paired with the wholly committed truthfulness of her uniformly excellent cast." -Hedy Weiss

04.02.14Ms. Magazine Blog interview about Venus in Fur

Venus in Fur, Is it Good for the Feminists?

03.28.14Interview for Newcity

Great interview with me and playwright David Ives about the play.

03.19.14Chicago Reader Review of Venus in Fur

"Director Schultz brings the tension between the two actors to an excruciating pitch by keeping air between them when it counts, making every touch resonate." -Tony Adler

03.18.14Venus in Fur Newcity Review

"Joanie Schultz is a rising star in Chicago’s freelance directorial ranks, but not one of the regulars in this space—yet."

03.18.14TimeOut Chicago gives Venus 4-Stars!

"Schultz’s zippy staging keeps perfect pace with Ives’s volley of ideas, which is no small feat." -Kris Vire

02.19.14VIDEO INTERVIEW - Venus in Fur

Joanie Schultz on Venus in Fur @ The Goodman

01.04.14VENUS IN FUR is Cast!

"Joanie is a rising star director who has steadily been making a name for herself all over town; we are thrilled to have her direct the Chicago premiere of Venus in Fur-a sexy, mesmerizing play by the talented David Ives," said Artistic Director Robert Falls. "She's picked two actors who are perfectly suited to these dominating characters."

12.19.13Kris Vire calls THE WHALE The #1 play of 2013

In Time Out Chicago, Kris Vire counts-down the best plays of 2013, naming THE WHALE #1!

"Joanie Schultz's Victory Gardens directing debut was an auspicious one, marking a pitch-perfect, stunningly realized Chicago premiere of new VG ensemble member Samuel D. Hunter's play about a morbidly obese, dying sad sack and the loved ones in his orbit. Dale Calandra gave an astonishing performance in the central role, equal parts empathetic and enraging, with outstanding support from Leah Karpel, Will Allan, Cheryl Graeff and Pat Kane."

10.18.13Great Women At Play youtube video

It's quite an honor to be lumped in with great artists like Rebecca Gilman, Mary Zimmerman, Tracey Scott Wilson, Jessica Thebus, and Rachel Rockwell. I admire them all so much. Here are a bunch of us talking about our plays at the Goodman.

10.11.13Sun-Times Highly Recommends Northanger Abbey

"I confess, I am no Austen addict, though there are plenty of them out there, and they are excited about this show. But this ideal adaptation, with an impeccable cast under the fleet, playful direction of Joanie Schultz, made me a convert for the evening." -Hedy Weiss

10.09.13Four Stars in Time Out Chicago for Northanger Abbey!

"Schultz stages all of this (and more) with an elegant playfulness—lighting, set design and Thomas Dixon’s original music ease our transition from the constrictions of Morland’s life to the heightened reality of her dreamscape...In an early scene, he [Henry Tilney] compares a cotillion to a marriage. As a bit of rhetoric, Schultz has rendered it perfectly on stage: As Austen makes clear, social formalities—like marriage itself—involve not a small degree of performance." -Suzanne Scanlon

09.04.13THE WHALE's Dale Calandra nominated for Jeff Award!

Dale Calandra is up for Best Actor from the Equity Jeff Awards!

04.23.13Five Stars in Time Out Chicago for The Whale

"Schultz, who's made a growing reputation on searing, tightly packed dramas on the city's smaller stages, makes her Victory Gardens debut a new height of efficiently heartwrenching storytelling -Kris Vire

04.16.13Four Stars from Chris Jones in the Chicago Tribune for THE WHALE

"Lean, raw and vital, this first Chicago production of "The Whale" (which was Off-Broadway earlier this season) is far and away the best piece of direction I've seen from Schultz." -Chris Jones

04.11.13Sun-Times Article on THE WHALE

02.26.13Directing VENUS IN FUR at the Goodman Theatre in 2014!!

02.25.13Directing NORTHANGER ABBEY for Remy Bumppo Fall 2013

11.28.12SDC Panel: "Women in Chicago" on Dec 4

On this panel with some awesome directors coming up!

10.20.12I'm Co-Curating the 2012-13 Theater on the Lake

I will be Artistic Curating Theater on the Lake's summer 2013 season with the lovely Halena Kays. We will be seeing plays all season and choosing which eight should be remounted at the park district space over the summer! It's an honor, and I'm thrilled!

10.18.12Neighborhood 3 is chilling!

"Joanie Schultz's production is exactly right: saturated in multimedia (designed by Kyle Hamman) and performed with an appropriate mix of realism and fantasy. The game-over finale is genuinely chilling."
-Chicago Reader

10.15.12THE KID THING wins Best New Play Jeff Award!

Sarah Gubbins wins Best New Play for THE KID THING, which we premiered a year ago! So glad this wonderful play getting noticed!

10.11.12A Real Sense of Doom in Neighborhood 3!

Time out Review of Neighborhood 3!
"...it’s delightful: a legitimate sense of doom in a theater."

08.29.12Neighborhood 3 a Fall Preview Critic's pick


THE KID THING has been nominated!

Best New Play
Best Actress in a Principle Role
Best Scenic Design

I'm so proud to have directed this production, and so honored that we are being recognized!

04.22.124 Stars for The Receptionist in Time Out Chicago

03.08.12Chicago Sun Times Review of fml: How Carson McCullers saved my life at Steppenwolf

"Joanie Schultz, who has emerged as one of the city’s strongest and most stylistically adaptable directors (her recent work ranges from “The Girl in the Yellow Dress" at Next Theatre to “The Ring Cycle" for The Building Stage), gets the tone exactly right, from first note to last."

03.08.124 Stars for fml in Time Out Chicago

02.02.12Chicago Sun Times Review on THE GIRL IN THE YELLOW DRESS

"Watching these two actors at work — under the explosive direction of Joanie Schultz — is nothing short of riveting." -Hedy Weiss
Read more!

02.02.12Time Out Review of THE GIRL IN THE YELLOW DRESS

Four Stars!
"South African playwright Craig Higginson’s 2010 drama receives a sensual, explosive U.S. premiere from director Joanie Schultz, whose two-person cast captures the play’s emotional turbulence." -Oliver Sava
Read more!


11.12.11Youtube Trailer for ASK AUNT SUSAN

09.21.11Variety Review of The Kid Thing

"Director Joanie Schultz manages the tonal shifts effectively, and deserves extra praise for staging transitions that elegantly propel both story and character."

09.21.11Chicago reader Review of The Kid Thing

09.19.11Fall Theater Preview in Chicago Magazine

Chicago Magazine sent me to a psychic and then interviewed me about the Chicago theater season this fall. And the play I've been directing. Yep.

09.09.11The Kid Thing Pre-Press interview...

08.25.11Pre Press Article on THE KID THING about Sarah Gubbins

07.21.11Directing for the Goodman Theatre's NEW STAGES AMPLIFIED

Chris Jones announces New Stages Amplified on his blog! I'm directing ASK AUNT SUSAN by Seth Bockley. Coming in November.

06.29.11First Look Series at Steppenwolf Announced

I will be directing a workshop/reading of Sarah Gubbins' new play, fml: how Carson McCullers saved my life, which we will be doing with Steppenwolf for Young Audiences in February.

06.08.11Jeff Award Wins for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor!

On June 6th, the Joseph Jefferson Committee awarded Caroline Neff, the lead actress on A BRIEF HISTORY OF HELEN OF TROY, Best Lead Actress in a Play (Steep fall 2010) and Brian Parry, from SHINING CITY, Best Supporting Actor in a Play (Redtwist Winter 2011).

Congrats to both of them!

04.07.11Sun Times Interview on THE METAL CHILDREN

Previews Start today at Next Theatre!

04.02.11Pioneer Press Interview on THE METAL CHILDREN

02.28.11SHINING CITY is extended to March 6th!

You now have more chances to see it!

02.14.11Shining City in TIMEOUT magazine

4 Stars, highly recommended!

02.14.11Chicago Tribune on SHINING CITY

Another good review for SHINING CITY!

02.14.11SHINING CITY is Jeff Recommended and Extended it's run!

Come see it before it closes!

10.21.10Chris Jones' second article on A BRIEF HISTORY OF HELEN OF TROY

Chris Jones likes this show so much he wrote about it AGAIN. And we extended to November 13.

10.11.10Hedy Weiss Recommends A BRIEF HISTORY OF HELEN OF TROY

10.01.10Chris Jones Recommends A BRIEF HISTORY OF HELEN OF TROY

09.30.10Time Out Chicago calls A BRIEF HISTORY... "searing"

09.15.10Feature on my work in Time Out Chicago

02.16.10Chicago Tribune on THE RING CYCLE

02.13.10Chicago Theater Blog on THE RING CYCLE

01.27.10THE RING CYCLE preview Article

Time Out Chicago

10.16.09Denham Fellowship!

I was awarded the Denham Fellowship from the Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation! It's a great honor and will support my work on The Ring Cycle!

07.29.09Chicago Classical Review on ACIS AND GALATEA

06.29.09On Transforming Preston Bradley Hall

My blog post on the Chicago Cultural Center's website about ACIS AND GALATEA

06.09.09In Arabia We'd All Be Kings wins Jeff Award!

Jeff Award for Best Ensemble!! Nominations for Best Director and Best Production!

06.13.08Blog post on Collaboraction's Blog

About my fifth sketchbook production, TREADMILLS